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Plot Lines and Foot Massagers

Plot Lines and Foot Massagers

I love writing, and it is all I want to do every time I am free. Even though I write novels on a range of issues, writing romance is my favorite part. I have written many romance novels under Lenoir as my pen name. I don’t mean to brag, but the truth is that my novels are among the best.

For me to write a successful story, I have to come up with a very good plot line. In more often than not, I work on my stories on Friday evenings.

While working on my plot lines for my latest project, I usually enjoy a foot massage. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey to find a good foot massager that could massage my feet as I write my plot lines. I have to admit that it wasn’t easy to get a great product. Fortunately, I was able to find a great foot massager that works on my feet as I work on my stories in a relaxed manner.

Reviews of best foot massagers

If there is one greatest way to relax, relieve stress and become more productive when sited down working on a project such as a story, then it must be with a good foot massager. A good foot massage usually improves my blood circulation and replenish any lost energy. In this way, it relaxes my entire body. Here are some of the best foot massagers that I have actually used or still using.

MedMassager MMF06

MedMassager MMF06

This is the best foot massager that I have ever used. Since I bought it, I have not gone back to the market again to gamble with other brands. Designed to be used by doctors to use in therapy and clinics, MedMassager MMF06 11 can be easily used at home by anyone.

The foot pad of this massager is designed at the ideal angle to offer maximum comfort during a massage session. Having been ISO 9000-2001 certified, this product is built with high-quality ergonomic materials and lasts longer than expected. Without exaggeration, I can confidently say that this unit is currently the most powerful, durable electric massager anyone can find in the market.

One of the best features I like about this product is the variable speed. With its 11-speed motor control that ranges between 1,000rpm and 3,700rpm, this foot massager offers me maximum comfort as well as control.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it’s a bit noisy. So, I am usually forced to put it off when I am making or receiving a phone call.

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Good value for money

Offers maximum comfort

CSA certified

Reliable construction



The Sharper Image MSG-F110

The Sharper Image MSG-F110

It is a deep kneading massager for the feet. This is the second foot massager I bought because I needed a product that could offer a real Shiatsu foot massage. Precisely, I needed a massager that could offer deeper kneading, and this unit nailed it. This foot massager features massage rollers, which offer reasonably deep kneading that would revive any feet. It also includes ridged grooves that helped me a great deal in positioning my feet in order to optimize my treatment.

What I loved most in this unit is that it admirably combines the ancient Asian massage principles of deep kneading Shiatsu and stimulating all the acupressure points. I remember the nice experience I used to have with this great massager.


Features toe-touch control

Automatic soothing heat option

Simple to use

Sleek design



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SPT AB-762R Foot Massager

SPT AB-762R Foot Massager

The SPT AB-762R is a reflexology massager for the feet and it was the first one that I bought. Even though I don’t use it more often nowadays, the level of massage this unit offers is nothing less than outstanding. What I like most about this foot massager is that it relieves and makes my feet feel relaxed and great while I work on my story.

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What bothered me so much with this machine is that its bottom plate contains acupressure nodules, and this made my feet a bit uncomfortable. In fact, the main reason why I replaced it is because I was tired of putting a gel insole under my feet every time for my feet to feel comfortable. Otherwise, everything else is on point, and I would not hesitate to recommend it.


Worth every coin

Provides enough pressure

Attractive design

Strong and durable


A bit noisy

Large and heavy

Writing Romance

Writing Romance

Writing romance has been very popular since man discovered writing. I write novels on a range of topics, but my romance novels are the favorite of my readers. Branching on my name, they call me Lenoir, and presently, my romance novels are selling in large numbers.

I strongly believe in sharing my knowledge with other people who are interested and might find it helpful. After all, I am who I am in the field of romance writing because other great people shared their knowledge with me.That said, I am going to share the biggest mistakes I do avoid, and the best tips I usually use when writing my romance stories. Let me start with the former.

Bad sex scenes

One of the biggest mistakes I do avoid is writing any bad sex scenes. Because both sex and sexuality are usually very personal things, it is almost impossible to write a sex scene that every reader will actually find erotic, you know, it is not like everyone would love to hear how a man used a foot massager on his wife. In fact, anything I find sexy is not only cultural but is also personal. I have realized that many people will underrate, or fail to enjoy bad sex writing. And I have to write bad sex, I must be my own story.

Overusing common romance plot tropes

red rose

In fiction, a ‘trope’ refers to a recurrent or an important theme. And a trope can also become a cliché if it has been used in many romance writings. In most case, such romance tropes will appear untrue to the readers. I am happy that I have familiarized myself with all romance tropes that have become clichés. By avoiding them in my novels, my readers get what they didn’t expect, which is a good thing.

Overused character descriptions

When writing my romance novels, I don’t dip into romantic clichés especially when it comes to character description. I always make sure that I don’t use dead metaphors to describe the appearance of either love or of my characters.

Romance Writing tips

Even though the list of tips that guide me in writing my novels is very long, here are the best ones I use when writing romance.

Understanding romance genre

For me to write catchy romance novels, I have to read widely about the romance genre. In this way, I can be able to know as many romantic clichés as possible. This allows me to know what to include and what not to include in my character and love descriptions. Furthermore, reading widely helps me understand what types of stories, styles and characters that have become common.

Choosing best ideas, themes and characters for good plot development


Relating personalities and relationships

There should be uncertainty and confusion in the early stages of a relationship.In the plot development, I usually show how personal histories and personalities of characters affect their love lives. In other words, the connection should be earned even if it comes naturally.

Create That Outline!

Create That Outline!

I write my novels under the pseudonym of Lenoir, and therefore, many people know me by the name. I have to start by thanking all my fans because they have been a great inspiration to me. Before I get emotional about my fans, let me go straight to the reason for writing this article – the need for creating an outline for all of my stories. I have realized just how much creating outlines has made me one of the most successful writers of the 21st century.

Years ago, I would start a story and get stuck in the middle of the plot. Sometimes, I mixed ideas and could confuse the whole story. In fact, I was almost giving up. Fortunately, I attended a two-days training on how to write a novel. I realized that I needed to create an outline for every story before going into the actual writing. Since then, I have never been stuck again.

Why I create outlines

Without much ado, I would go straight into discussing how an outline is important to me.

Provides me with a road map


Provides me with a structure

An outline offers me helpful structure and guidance. This does not mean that I can’t stay creative and explore more ideas while I am writing.

As I said before, an outline is simply a map that shows me the route to my destination. Any destination always has many routes, and therefore, this roadmap is not the only route I stick to throughout the writing process. In other words, I allow myself to bring in fresh ideas and thoughts as they come.

Saves me time

bulb drawing

When I have drafted a sketch of the plot and characters, it becomes very easy to figure them out. In short figuring out plot and characters from the outline require less time as compared to doing the same from a draft.

My best tips to creating an outline

Crafting my premise

I usually begin my outline by identifying the protagonist, his/her objectives and what exactly the hero wants to achieve. I also identify the situation; the personal conditions of the hero, and how that condition will change for either better or for worse. Here is where I mention who is going to change the situation. Furthermore, I identify the opponent, the disaster, and what effect it will have on the hero.

Sketching scene ideas

coffee and notebook

I must sketch ideas for my story after identifying a tight premise. I make a full list of all the things I already know about my story. It’s good to list all the possible scenes here, and how they are going to play out in my story.

Eliminate obvious ideas

In my list of ideas and scenes, I usually ask myself if my audience will be expecting them. If the answer is yes, then I scrap them off from the list. I then come up with other alternative ideas that my audience won’t expect.