Writing Romance

Writing Romance

Writing romance has been very popular since man discovered writing. I write novels on a range of topics, but my romance novels are the favorite of my readers. Branching on my name, they call me Lenoir, and presently, my romance novels are selling in large numbers.

I strongly believe in sharing my knowledge with other people who are interested and might find it helpful. After all, I am who I am in the field of romance writing because other great people shared their knowledge with me.That said, I am going to share the biggest mistakes I do avoid, and the best tips I usually use when writing my romance stories. Let me start with the former.

Bad sex scenes

One of the biggest mistakes I do avoid is writing any bad sex scenes. Because both sex and sexuality are usually very personal things, it is almost impossible to write a sex scene that every reader will actually find erotic, you know, it is not like everyone would love to hear how a man used a foot massager on his wife. In fact, anything I find sexy is not only cultural but is also personal. I have realized that many people will underrate, or fail to enjoy bad sex writing. And I have to write bad sex, I must be my own story.

Overusing common romance plot tropes

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In fiction, a ‘trope’ refers to a recurrent or an important theme. And a trope can also become a cliché if it has been used in many romance writings. In most case, such romance tropes will appear untrue to the readers. I am happy that I have familiarized myself with all romance tropes that have become clichés. By avoiding them in my novels, my readers get what they didn’t expect, which is a good thing.

Overused character descriptions

When writing my romance novels, I don’t dip into romantic clichés especially when it comes to character description. I always make sure that I don’t use dead metaphors to describe the appearance of either love or of my characters.

Romance Writing tips

Even though the list of tips that guide me in writing my novels is very long, here are the best ones I use when writing romance.

Understanding romance genre

For me to write catchy romance novels, I have to read widely about the romance genre. In this way, I can be able to know as many romantic clichés as possible. This allows me to know what to include and what not to include in my character and love descriptions. Furthermore, reading widely helps me understand what types of stories, styles and characters that have become common.

Choosing best ideas, themes and characters for good plot development


Relating personalities and relationships

There should be uncertainty and confusion in the early stages of a relationship.In the plot development, I usually show how personal histories and personalities of characters affect their love lives. In other words, the connection should be earned even if it comes naturally.

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